About Us

 What is VetPark?
VetPark is the place America gather's with the purpose of "Helping Our Heroes Heal" 
We're proactively creating a business model that produces more than financial profits!
VetPark's single Mission is to help US Veterans heal from invisible wounds resulting from the sacrifices made for our Country.
Where is VetPark?
Just look for our flag!

VetPark is a community made up of Veterans and their supporters. A metaphorical place of healing for Veterans suffering from invisible yet real injuries of combat.

We serve as the meeting ground; connecting the American Public with the Veteran Community.

Following in the spirit of the 'Great Outdoors' every step we take serves to increase the wellbeing of everyone involved; yet, 

“Helping Our Heroes Heal” 

states emphatically why we exist!

VetPark is proactive in the fight against the Veteran Suicide Epidemic, driving revenue to effective therapies while ensuring Veterans have access to therapeutic modalities currently unknown (to them) or prove cost prohibitive.


Step 1

VetPark generates revenue from online sales in VetPark's Lifestyle Marketplace & Galleria*

*We only sell products produced, created or sold by members of our Veteran Community which simultaneously supports Veteran business owners.

(The Vetconomy) 

Step 2

Proceeds are then directed to our fund, “VetPark AT” (Alternative Therapies) that awards grants to Veteran-centered, alternative therapy providing organizations (i.e. CreatiVets https://creativets.org/


awards scholarships to Veterans looking to receive alternative therapy from non Veteran-centered alternative therapy providing organizations (i.e 2nd Story https://www.2ndstory.com/).


Step 3

Veterans throughout the US receive therapeutic care not available at the overcrowded VA or with most insurance plans.

We partner with local Music Therapist, Yoga Instructors, Outdoor Enthusiast, Farmers, etc. to ensure healing opportunities are accessible to Veterans in all corners of America.


Veteran Business Owners and Creatives are able earn a living while pursuing activities that offer the greatest healing for them. 

This is how VetPark is

"Helping Our Heroes Heal"


VetPark is a proud member of Veterans in Residence by WeWork x Bunker Labs