Healing Heroes Campaign

HHC 001

Theme: "Using Art to Heal Hearts"
Organization: CreatiVets
Design: Kintsugi Heart by Richard Bantigue, USMC Vet
The purchase of every item with the Kintsugi Heart will help fund CreatiVets Art Box Program!
Kintsugi (literally, "Golden Repair"), is an ancient Japanese Art Form that uses liquid gold to mend broken pieces of ceramic or clay pottery. 

Once complete, the pottery is made whole once again. Yet, it's value has increased and there will never be another like it! 
This is the aim of VetPark!
We're "Helping our Heroes Heal" and getting them back into the beauty of life!
Get your shirt today &
Wear your Golden Scars proudly!
About the Artist:
Richard Bantigue is a USMC Veteran and Multidisciplinary Artist based in Charlotte N.C. You can see more of his work on IG: @bantiguearts or
Visit his website: www.bantiguearts.com 
About CreatiVets
"CreatiVet's serves to improve the health, wellness, and quality of life of veterans and their families, so we are closely monitoring the impact that COVID-19 is having on our communities. I wanted to share with you how CreatiVets is adapting to the challenges we are facing to minimize the disruption to the hundreds of veterans we serve annually.

We have begun to transition all of our current programs online, so veteran participants will not experience any disruptions. Additionally we will offer free arts and music programming through social media and other platforms so that we can serve any veteran during this difficult time. 

We are currently piloting an Art Box program that will be provided to veterans free of charge. These art boxes will include every material needed to explore a variety of creative processes. The current boxes range from clay sculpture, book binding, drawing, collage, painting, and more! Veterans are able to use these boxes to participate in the variety of arts / music streams and instructional classes we are currently offering online. 

Our hope is to continue developing a variety of Art Boxes and virtual programming and make them available to veterans across the country. 

Go to creativets.org/live to find our past and future arts and music streams."

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