Why VetPark?

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Why VetPark?
I’m building VetPark to help US Veterans receive the healing they need and the help they deserve. 
My experience with PTS and Mental Illness has shown me that, to move forward I must accept and let go of the past. 
Photography taught me how to frame, examine and capture the beauty of everyday life.
Practicing Creativity has provided me with permission and encouragement to imagine.
Being in nature reminded me that life is a succession of seasons and the importance of knowing the season I'm in. 
Pet companionship has given me a dependable friend that shows love regardless of how I’m acting. 
Practicing these activities helped me get back to enjoying life and making the most of my time. 
VetPark is the vehicle I’m using to help my Battle Buddies get back to enjoying life.
My personal passion for the Arts fuel the business aspect of VetPark
The helper in me feasts on the healing aspect of VetPark (AT)** 
VetPark provides hope & healing for others. 
VetPark is my Art, Therapy & Work. 
Visit us at www.vetpark.us 
Robert Dabney Jr
*Concerts, Art Gallery, Competitions, Shows
** Music Therapy, Art Therapy, Meditation, Eastern Medicine, Hiking, gardening, Alternative Medicine, Writing, Story-telling, etc. 

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