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VetPark is a community made up of Veterans and their supporters. A metaphorical place of healing for Veterans suffering from invisible yet real injuries of combat. It serves as the bridge connecting the American People and the Veteran Community.

Much like the Great Outdoors, everything we do is to increase the livelihood of all. Our Motto, “Helping Our Heroes Heal” states emphatically why we exist!

We are being proactive in the fight against the Veteran Suicide 

Epidemic, by driving revenue to effective therapies while

ensuring Veterans have access to therapeutic modalities currently unknown to them or are cost prohibitive.


VetPark sponsors entertaining and meaningful events for the public. (We like to think of it as, “Partying with a Purpose!”) Proceeds are then directed to our fund, “VetPark AT” (Alternative Therapies) that awards grants to Veteran-centered, alternative therapy providing organizations (i.e. CreatiVets


awards scholarships to Veterans looking to receive alternative therapy from non Veteran-centered alternative therapy providing organizations (i.e 2nd Story

Our “Healing Heroes Campaigns” are six months of in-depth “promotion” for specific Alternative Therapies. We feature one Veteran-Centered Alt. Therapy providing Organization and One Veteran Artist, for the entirety of the campaign. Raising awareness and funds for their program.

HHC 001: Focus: Art Therapy 

Theme:    “Using Art to Heal Hearts”   

HHC 002 (03/2021) Focus: Animal-Assisted Therapies.

Theme:  “TBD”

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