"Helping Our Heroes Heal"

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VetPark is an Events Management Company based in Aurora, IL that brings together lovers of artistic expression for a special cause.

We host diverse creative events raising awareness of the benefits of alternative therapies as a treatment for depression/ptsd and other forms of military trauma (specifically Military Sexual Assault).

Our events are filled with Veteran-owned businesses and services (vendors) while the event goers are treated to professional entertainment (vocal performance, stage play, art gallery, etc).

90% of the profit from these events goes back into the business. The remaining 10% goes to VetPark (AT).

(The specific amount will be based on the total profit margin of the previous fiscal year.) 

VetPark (AT) consists of a network of pre-approved, independent Alternative Therapy modalities  (Masseuse, Art Therapist, Hiking Clubs, etc.).

Once within the network of VetPark (AT) these treatment options (Nfp/therapist/companies) will qualify to receive either a grant or a scholarship:

  • Grants are awarded to programs that cater only to the Veteran Community.
  • Scholarships are awarded to individual Veterans attending pre-approved treatment option or to approved organizations desiring to reserve a spot for a vet or two in each of their offerings. 

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