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VetPark’s Lifestyle MarketPlace & Galleria is the place to find items you need at a reasonable price while supporting a community of heroes

Our vendors are Veterans and Spouses, men and women with proven track records of dedication to service, each using their skill, expertise, or therapy to provide for their needs. 

Each item in our Marketplace is created/manufactured and sold by a Veteran-owned business, craftsperson, or Artist. That’s right, every purchase supports the Veteran community, from inventors to sculptors, musicians to chefs! 

By purchasing their items in VetPark’s Lifestyle MarketPlace & Galleria, you're not only supporting the individual Veteran Artist; you're also assisting us in achieving our mission of Helping Our Heroes Heal! We’re working around the clock to get Veterans connected with Alternative Therapies (without charging them a penny!) through our social impact team VetPark AT (Alternative Therapies).

VetPark’s Lifestyle MarketPlace & Galleria is the place America shop’s with the purpose of Helping Our Heroes Heal!


Step 1

Make a purchase from VetPark’s Lifestyle Marketplace & Galleria

Step 2

Proceeds are then directed to our Social Impact Team, VetPark AT” (Alternative Therapies) that awards grants to Veteran-centered, alternative therapy providing organizations (i.e. CreatiVets


awards scholarships to Veterans looking to receive alternative therapy from non Veteran-centered alternative therapy providing organizations (i.e 2nd Story 

Step 3

Veterans throughout the US receive therapeutic care not readily available at the VA or covered by most insurance plans. We partner with local Music Therapist, Yoga Instructors, Outdoor Enthusiast, Farmers, etc. to ensure healing opportunities are accessible to Veterans in all corners of America. 

Unwinding by VetPark Vendor: Jason_inx

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